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It’s what’s inside that counts.

Looking for food ingredients? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to mix it up, stir the pot, dish it out, or just really like ingredient puns, Blendtek has you covered.
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Hi. We’re Blendtek.

Think of us as your new BFF*. We’re a food ingredients company 100% dedicated to making your culinary creations utterly fabulous.

*best food forever


Because the secret ingredient isn’t love.

From basics to beyond.

Our ingredient solutions range from the basics to the inspired; from salt and citric acid to plant proteins, natural sweeteners and preservatives, functional food systems, and proprietary blends. 

Fun Fact: Pink peppercorns aren't actually peppercorns. They're called peppercorns because they’re similar in shape and flavour to their namesake — these bright, tiny balls are nothing more than a humble berry.

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Product Development

Blend it like Blendtek.

Have a unique blend in mind?
From functional formulas to proprietary perfection, our blending facility and test-kitchen let us expertly whisk up whatever your business needs.

Fun Fact: Thousands of years ago Gum Arabic, a popular ingredient in some of today’s fave treats, was used in the ancient mummification process.

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Jack of all trades.
Master of tons.

We don’t dabble in food ingredients, we dive right in.

Our laser (pewpew) focus helps us identify, source, deliver or blend the best ingredients with unmatched fervour and knowledge. Our expertise stretches from bakery to beverages and everything in between. Serving you pure culinary commitment – no distractions.
Clean Label & Organic
Fruits & Veg
Plant Based
Prepared Foods
Sports Nutrition

Setting the standard.

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Need packaging solutions?

Our extensive range of plastics and secondary packaging materials lets us support your business beyond ingredients with pallet wrap and more.


or bust.

The attention your biz deserves.

In a world of cookie-cutters, we take a bespoke approach to customer service. That means whether you’re a new client or old friend, your business needs get the focused attention they deserve. Every dang time.
Our Friends

Mixing with the right crowd.

We’re a privately owned, family and friend-led passion.

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Case Studies
We’re the supply to your demand.
In the ever-shifting world of supply and demand, we never skip a beat. With a vast network of partners, we pivot like culinary ninjas. Global crisis? No sweat. We keep your ingredients flowing, no matter the twist.
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Wrapping up one beverage distributor’s packaging spend & carbon footprint.
By reducing the number of rolls of hand wrap by 24% and cutting down the weight of plastic from machine wrap by 31%, Blendtek’s high-performance film proved to be a win-win for the company and the planet.
Chocolate cupcakes with bacon and icing.
A collaborative partnership that’s the icing on the cake.
When a busy industrial bakery was being let down by their cake mix supplier, Blendtek was there to provide the bespoke service, quality products and reliable supply to get things back on track.
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The secret ingredient to supply chain challenges.
In the midst of post-COVID supply chain challenges, Blendtek was able to overcome the unexpected recipe changes, poor communication, late deliveries and fluctuating prices a bakery was having with their previous supplier.

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