Best blends

Pre-measured and foolproof. Our manufacturing blends streamline production with their ‘just open and use’ simplicity. These perfect blends put eliminating variability and enhancing operational efficiency on repeat.

A pile of flour on a black background.

Our off
the shelf is
off the hook.

Forget trial and error. Our Blendtek blends do the heavy lifting for you. Through meticulous innovation, our premium and tasty blends help you fast-track production and maintain your competitive edge.

A facility worthy of
episode of Cribs.

Our R&D Lab and Test Kitchen, centred on emerging categories, is bolstered by SQF and Organic certifications. Beyond formulation, the facility’s cutting-edge technology ensures optimal efficiency, stringent food safety, and impeccable traceability. And it’s pretty slick looking too.

Packing for production?


Our production-ready packaging will meet even the highest quality and efficiency standards. From 200g retail-ready pouches, to 10kg bags, to 1000kg totes, we’ll support your unique manufacturing facility specs.

Fun Fact: When Blendtek was established in 2014, we didn’t actually have any blending capabilities. But it was always part of the vision. Goals unlocked.

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We're wired

to create.

So, you’ve identified an opportunity that you want to capitalize on – now what?

Let’s bring it to life. Our dynamic team of experts will partner with you to develop the perfect powdered formula. Whether you’re trying to create a high-protein snack, a vegan alternative, or reduced sugar treat, we’ll work with you to create that custom blend to set your brand apart.

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