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Blendtek Announces Partnership with ADDCON Blendtek

Blendtek Partners with ADDCON to Bring High Quality Baking Ingredients to North American Market

Cambridge, ON, September 26, 2017Blendtek Ingredients Inc., a premier innovative food ingredients and solutions company, has been selected by ADDCON, a German based leader in green chemistry, to be ADDCON‘s distributor of ammonium bicarbonate and calcium propionate. These baking ingredient staples are used to create a wide variety of shelf stable bakery products ranging from crackers, snacks and cookies to breads, tortillas and more.

“ADDCON has a strong and established reputation for upholding the highest standards in ingredient quality and food safety,” said Steve Zinger, President, Blendtek. “We look forward to working with ADDCON to introduce their ingredients to our customers and into a wide range of baking applications.”

ADDCON’s ammonium bicarbonate and calcium propionate are produced at two highly advanced production facilities located in Porsgrunn, Norway and Bitterfeld, Germany. Ammonium bicarbonate (ADDCON ABC) is used as a sodium free leavening agent and is ideal for low moisture bakery items such as biscuits, cookies, wafers, crackers and dry baked snacks. Calcium propionate (ADDCON Calpro) inhibits molds and rope forming bacteria, and is ideal for bakery applications like breads and tortillas as it has a minimal impact on yeast activity.

“We chose Blendtek to represent ADDCON’s ammonium bicarbonate and calcium propionate ingredients based on their knowledge and experience” said Dominicus Brendler, Director BU Food, ADDCON. “Combined, ADDCON and Blendtek’s specialized support teams and experts can assist with unique baking applications to deliver unparalleled service and innovation to our customers.”

This partnership marks ADDCON’s first foray into the North American market. Blendtek will primarily focus on supplying ammonium bicarbonate to the North American market and calcium propionate to the Canadian market. Blendtek will also have access to additional ingredients in ADDCON’s industry leading portfolio.

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