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Blendtek & Fitoplancton Marino Team Up on Cosmetic Ingredients Blendtek
Blendtek and Fitoplancton Marino team up to bring microalgae ingredients to beauty makers

Blendtek & Fitoplancton Marino Team Up on Cosmetic Ingredients Blendtek

Thursday, August 17, 2017
By Deanna Utroske

In an exclusive deal, announced this month, ingredients distributor and solutions provider, Blendtek, will be the official supplier of Fitoplancton Marino’s Easyalgae Plankton-Extract ingredient.

Both companies see great potential for the ingredient in an array of applications. “Easyalgae®Plankton-Extract is a game changer for the cosmetic and dermocosmetic industry, and we are excited to work with such a revolutionary product that has scientifically proven capabilities,” Rob Bianchin, Vice President, Blendtek, says in a press release about the deal.

Ocean Power

As part of the deal Blendtek is picking up another microalgae ingredient, one that lends itself to the functional food category (where beauty-from-within products are often situated).

The two ingredients exemplify what Fitoplancton Marino’s business is all about. “At Fitoplancton Marino we have made great efforts in developing bioactive microalgae ingredients to transform regular foods and products into innovative functional foods and products that support healthy living, sustainable development and economic viability,” says David Hunter, Business & Product Developer, Fitoplancton Marino. “Phytoplankton is the future of nutrition and health, and we are excited to show the industry the big potential of this microscopic plant that powers the entire ocean.”

Algae Applications

“The demand for microalgae ingredients is rapidly growing in the functional foods and cosmetic industries as the benefits continue to be realized,” says Steve Zinger, President, Blendtek. “Fitoplancton Marino’s revolutionary technology and industry leadership makes them the ideal partner for Blendtek as we continue to source and supply the highest quality, innovative and in-demand ingredients to help enhance our customer’s products.”

Easyalgae Plankton-Extract, according to the press release, acts as an antioxidant enhancer; as an anti-inflammatory; provides hydration; encourages cell proliferation and angiogenesis; stimulates wound healing; is a modulator of apoptosis; is an anti-wrinkle; can aid in the improvement of ageing spots and pigmentation; and has anti-cellulite benefits.

Blendtek cites data illustrating microalgae bioactivities’ on human skin. In vitro tests “show a 95 per cent improvement of dryness or cutaneous xerosis, 90 per cent increase in the disappearance of itchiness or pruritus, and 85 per cent reduction in the severity of the lesions.”

As a result, the company believes that Easyalgae Plankton-Extract is well suited for use in formulations for hydrating creams, anti-wrinkle serums, atopic dermatitis treatments, and products that address hyperpigmentation.