Canadian Grocer – Luring the Health Bunch

An aisle in a grocery store filled with different types of prepared food.

October/November 2017
By Rosalind Stefanac
Illustrations by Blair Kelly

With health and wellness top of mind among consumers, here’s how to make the grocery store their ultimate go-to

With the majority of consumer (70%) saying they can manage their health and wellness through proper nutrition, according to Neilsen, here are some tips to ensure your grocery store can be their health haven.

Go Beyond the Perimeter

While the focus on fresh food will continue to be a priority, we shouldn’t “demonize” the centre of the store, says Mintel’s Wong-Li. “There are lots of healthy shelf staples in the middle and it’s all about raising awareness.” That could mean pairing quinoa with other grains beside the fresh salmon or promoting through sales and flyers.

Samples are another way to promote exploration. “Manufactures are coming up with some very unique and interesting flavours, but if you don’t go up that aisle you’ll never see it,” says Rob Bianchin, vice-president of Cambridge, Ont. –based Blendtek Fine Ingredients. He says people need to taste plant-based alternatives to realize they can have great flavour.

Offer Products on Trend

Mintel reports that 45% of Canadians say they are interested in trying the latest foods with health claims. Ancient grains in snack foods, plant proteins, fermented foods and alternative sweeteners such as maple syrup are all gaining favour with health-conscious consumers, say analysts.

Blendtek’s Bianchin notes that algae is another ingredient to keep on the radar as it will be key in health foods in the future. “It’s natural, nutritious, vegan and produced by sustainable means,” he explains. “Companies are looking at it as a way to make products more nutritionally dense.”

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