Clean-Label Preservatives

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Ingredient Solutions to Reduce Food Waste

The pandemic has greatly changed the way consumers buy groceries: from increased demand for online shopping and delivery services to stocking up on pantry staples to accommodate fewer grocery outings, evolving consumer behaviour requires grocers and food manufacturers alike to keep up with the new needs of consumers.

Are Your Ingredients Setting You Up for Success?

For many consumers, convenient and pantry-friendly products continue to be a staple in their shopping cart – virtual or otherwise. Whether its baking mixes, savoury snacks, cereals or prepared foods, consumers are finding comfort by stocking up their pantries and refrigerators for their convenience as they continue to spend more time at home. While keeping pantries shelves stocked sounds great, it also creates more opportunity for food waste.

That’s why as a manufacturer, choosing the right ingredients to preserve the quality and stability of your products is so important. However, we also understand the challenges you face to prioritize a clean ingredient list without compromising food safety. We’re here to help.

You Can Have It All. Take Control of Your Shelf Life and Ingredient Declaration

When it comes to controlling the shelf-life of your products, some of the parameters to consider are:

  • Reduce pH
  • Add preservatives

Unfortunately, while reducing the pH can be effective in protecting product shelf-life, it may also impact the taste of your final product. Similarly, preservatives have shown great efficacy in controlling microbial growth in many applications, but some label-savvy consumers reject this option.

The solution? Clean-label preservatives.

Advantages of Clean-Label Preservatives

Whether you’re looking for a clean preservative in liquid or powdered form, these ingredient solutions can be used in a variety of applications ranging from plant-based alternatives to bakery and savoury prepared foods. We can help you select the best option to meet your specific needs.

Beyond being easily understood by consumers, these clean-label ingredient solutions can:


  • Protect the shelf-stability and quality
  • Be easily added without impacting the taste or appearance of the final product
  • Replace sodium-based additives and decrease sodium content in the formulation
  • Replace the use of pH regulators and other additives

Ask us about our clean-label solutions to help you drive your products to market, fueled for success.

Let’s Team Up.

At Blendtek Ingredients, our priority is to support your team. From our consulting services and formulation expertise, through to sourcing ingredients within our trusted supply network, we will accelerate the success of your product pipeline with ingredient solutions that deliver.

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