Four Things to Consider When Creating Powdered Nutritional Beverages

A woman pouring a drink into a blender with powdered ingredients.

At Blendtek, powders are our powerhouse. We develop meal and snack replacement beverages for your brand, fueled to perform. Are your customers looking for a protein blend that enhances their fitness regimen? A solution that offers convenience on the go? Or simply a nutrient-dense product to address their individual health goals? Whatever the challenge, we’re here to help you deliver a product that meets your customer’s needs. We have an expert team of scientists, trusted supplier network and years of experience in the industry.

When it comes to functional powder beverage blends, the options are endless. Here are four things to consider with your formulation to deliver on the specific needs of your customer.

1. Functionality

Consumers seek out products tailored to their personal needs. They may be looking for energy, muscle growth and recovery, balanced nutrition or improved immunity. Blendtek understands how challenging it can be to balance your existing products while also creating new products for the latest trends. When you work with Blendtek, our R&D team will serve as an extension of your own to develop a formula that delivers the functionality your customers are looking for.

2. Product Claims

Claims complement the functionality of a product and help customers decide which option aligns with their needs. It may be gluten-free, vegan, keto, GMO-free, organic or clean label. According to Food Ingredients First, vegan and keto claims have been more prevalent in sports nutrition product launches recently. Deciding on the claims your product will have determines the ingredients in your functional protein and meal replacement blends.

3. Flavour

This is where the fun happens. Staples like chocolate and vanilla are always a safe bet, but our innate curiosity drives us to think beyond the classics. Our range of flavours varies from indulgently sweet to refreshingly fruity – all designed to keep up with evolving consumer tastes. Tell us your ideas and together, we will create them.

4. Ingredients

The ingredients you choose dictate the quality, taste, texture, and nutritional density of your blend. You may want to restrict certain ingredients like artificial sweeteners or carrageenan. Perhaps you want to include trendy ingredients like plant proteins or soluble fibre. When the functionality, claims and flavours have been determined, it’s time to focus on ingredients. We can advise you on available options and supply the quality raw materials you’re looking for.

Bringing it all together

At Blendtek, our priority is to support your team. From our consulting services and formulation expertise, through to sourcing ingredients within our trusted supply network, we will accelerate the success of your products with ingredient solutions that deliver. Whether you want to start from scratch with your own inspirations or get a head start by customizing our existing blends – let’s do it together.

Let’s Create.

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