Arabic Gum (Acacia Gum)Cosmetics


Due to the fact that Arabic Gum is non-toxic and edible, it can be used in a vast array of products, ranging from food and cosmetic to industrial areas.
Arabic Gum has been used in traditional medicine as a pain-reliever.
The properties of Arabic Gum make it a stabilizer for many types of products.


Food & Beverage:

Arabic Gum is used primarily as a stabilizer in the food industry, as it inhibits reactions between two otherwise reactive chemicals.
Arab populations tend to use Arabic Gum to make a gelato-like dessert.
Due to its glue-like properties, Arabic Gum is used in soft drink syrups, chewy candies such as gumdrops, marshmallows, M&M’s, and edible glitters.
Arabic Gum is also used as an emulsifier and thickening agent in fillings, icing, and chewing gum.
it also reduces the surface tension of liquids and thus increases the foaming in carbonated beverages.


Arabic Gum is used as a binder in many pharmaceutical drugs, as well as a viscosity increasing agent, such as in cough syrup.
It is also used as both a binding agent and thickener in various creams and make up products.

Industrial Applications

Arabic Gum is widely used in traditional lithography, a method of printing text or artwork.
It is used in the production of food polish, incense cones, and used as a like-able adhesive in postage stamps, envelopes and cigarette papers.
Arabic Gum is utilized in fireworks as a water-soluble binder.


Also known as Acacia Gum, Arabic Gum is a natural gum made from the sap of the acacia trees, S. senegal and V. sayel. Harvested mainly from areas in Sudan, Senegal and Somalia, Arabic Gum is a mixture of glycoproteins and polysaccharides.


Arabic Gum has long been prized as an export from sub-Saharan areas and its origin dates back 4 000 years ago when Egyptian artisans used its binding qualities for pigments and as a thickener for mummification. As exportation began, the majority of Arabic Gum was generated from a band of acacia trees in the Sahel region. Today, most populations of Acacia species that produce the gum are located in Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Niger, Cameroon, Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.

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