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Brown Rice Protein provides support for muscle toning and assists in bone repair and formation. It also supports weight loss by balancing blood sugar levels and moderating appetite. Brown Rice Protein is conveniently made in powdered form, so it is an excellent addition to smoothies and meals that may be lacking in protein. It is one of the most commonly chosen supplemental sources of protein for vegetarians and vegans who are unable to use animal proteins.


Brown rice protein is a vegetarian alternative protein isolate to the commonly used whey and soy isolates. While rice is comprised mainly of carbohydrates, it contains proteins high in cysteine and methionine, which are extracted to create Brown Rice Protein. This protein is a simple and convenient way to introduce more protein into your diet, with the added benefits of a hypo-allergenic, easily digestible, vegetarian-based powder. It is commonly mixed with other powders, such as pea powder, to provide a complete protein, and it may also be added to cooked food to supplement the protein quality of a meal.


Many consumers have shifted from products made with animal proteins, such as whey, to plant-based powders that are gluten-free and non-dairy. Innovations in protein-capturing technology have allowed us to create a vegetarian protein source with a 95% digestibility rate and a high antioxidant capacity. Brown Rice Protein is made from sprouted brown rice, which provides an excellent protein efficiency ratio. Using enzymes, filtering and fermentation to yield high levels of amino acids, Brown Rice Protein is a popular choice for protein powder on today’s market.

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