Pull Back On Plastic Without Compromising On Quality Or Cost

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Optimizing pallet wrap for your finished goods
  • long transportation distances
  • spoilage
  • damage
  • consumer demand for “perfect” food

The most effective strategy to reduce food loss is through waste prevention.

Food waste has a big cost beyond just the value of the food itself. Agricultural resources such as water are lost. Energy is wasted during production and transportation. And for food manufacturers, the efforts of your entire team from product development to sales can be wiped out.

Blendtek can help with the prevention of food waste and loss. One way is with label-friendly preservatives that extend shelf-life. Another way is with packaging solutions that protect your goods during transportation. Focusing on this area can also help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Why is pallet wrap important?

Your dedication to creating quality food should not stop with production. Optimizing your pallet wrap will maintain your product’s integrity until it reaches its final destination – the consumer. With our experience and established industry partners, Blendtek will help you get your products to market with the best packaging solutions.

Protect Your Product and Your Money

Proper protection of finished goods doesn’t mean increased cost. We have high-performing options to hold your product in place during transportation with less wrap. This means less food waste, less money spent on plastic, less plastic to dispose of, and less wasted resources across the supply chain. With rising plastic resin costs, high-performing wrap that gets the job done and saves you money is important now more than ever.

Focus on Sustainability

Nothing matches the performance of plastic for protecting pallets during transportation, so we need to consider the three R’s of recycling. Reusing the wrap is not a practical option, so how can you reduce and recycle the plastic you use?

  • Reduce – high-performance plastic can yield a stronger containment pressure than a conventional wrap pound for pound. This means you can often reduce the amount of plastic used to protect your pallets.
  • Recycle – Did you know that the plastic wrap can be recycled where facilities exist? We encourage customers to look for recycling options to further reduce their carbon footprint.
How to Optimize Your Pallet Wrap

Blendtek knows that when it comes to plastic wrap, you want a solution that is cost-effective, reliable, and doesn’t require excessive machine alterations or personnel in your facility – especially during a pandemic. We have the resources and expertise to assist your unique process and optimize your packaging. We’re proud of the partnerships we’ve established within our trusted supply network – they are key to our success. Talk to us and we’ll help you make the switch seamless.

Let’s get started.

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