At Blendtek we thrive on driving innovation.
We’re looking for hard-working,
passionate people to help us
change the way the world views food.


    At Blendtek we are serious about challenging expectations and thinking outside the box. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and make decisions quickly.


    Blendtek employees are empowered to make decisions and drive results. Our team looks at this company as if it were their own.


    We are constantly looking for fresh ideas, new perspectives, and different ways to challenge the status quo.


    If you like a fast-paced environment, we are growing quickly and need employees who like to operate in a dynamic environment.


    Our people are our family. We look out for one another and help each other to succeed.


  1. You like working with exceptional people
    All of our employees are creative, intelligent, ambitious and driven. If you don’t know what it’s like to work with a group like this - you’re missing out.
  2. You want to have an impact
    Working at Blendtek means that you can put your fingerprints on a lot of different projects and help shape the future if our company.
  3. You'll be a part of a great story
    Our leadership team has a strong track record of success and Blendtek is in its infancy. We are just getting started and have a bright future ahead of us.
  4. Our leaders care
    They are on the front lines working with us to grow and are always available to connect.
  5. You’ll be challenged
    We look at problems as opportunities to grow. No two days are the same and we want people that will step outside of their comfort zone to try something new.
  6. We strive to be the best
    Continuous improvement is a part of our DNA and there is always an opportunity to grow and learn.
  7. You'll love coming to work
    Our offices are modern and open-concept, and we have the freedom to personalize our workspaces to make them our own.
  8. There are always opportunities to grow
    Blendtek shares an investment in your personal and professional development by providing support for ongoing learning.
  9. Great benefits
    We make sure our employees are happy, healthy and well taken care of.
  10. You aren't limited by your job description
    There is no ceiling on getting involved or going above and beyond. Have an interest in a different department? Come across an awesome idea? Reach out to the right leader and you can easily take on that project.

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