Awesomeness is essential.

We’re looking for people who take ingredients seriously and themselves anything but. So if you have a passion for ingredients, a track record of success, and an entrepreneurial spirit, hit us up. We’re always looking to add great people to the fam.

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Current Opportunities


Ontario, Canada
Blendtek is seeking an ambitious, creative and enthusiastic Purchaser to join our Supply Chain team. As a Purchaser you will be responsible for managing a portfolio of products, as well as support our growth into new markets. The ideal candidate will be passionate about planning inventory, sourcing products and to optimize supply to meet customer requirements.

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We value our core values.

Fun Fact: When you think of emulsion, you probably think water and oil. But in the case of the marshmallow, emulsion is between liquid and air, and then you need to stabilise it. So basically, marshmallows are fluffy food-science miracles.

Create a positive team environment.

Our philosophy is to create an environment where everyone is accepted, respected, appreciated, encouraged, inspired, empowered and valued.

Act with ownership.

We take pride in our company and we always do what is right, not what is easy.

Embrace real-time communication.

Regardless of the communication medium, always solicit feedback and have open, honest and timely conversation.

Focus on customer experience.

Our customers are our #1 priority. We look for every opportunity to go above and beyond and create a raving experience.

Learn from failure and celebrate success.

Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn. Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s on the road to it. Fail fast and learn from mistakes.

Operate with an entrepreneurial edge.

Take calculated risks. Know your business inside and out. Always seek new opportunities and trust your own judgement.

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