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In the ever-shifting world of supply and demand, we never skip a beat. With a vast network of partners, we pivot like culinary ninjas. Global crisis? No sweat. We keep your ingredients flowing, no matter the twist.
A group of beverage cans are arranged on a black background.
Wrapping up one beverage distributor’s packaging spend & carbon footprint.
By reducing the number of rolls of hand wrap by 24% and cutting down the weight of plastic from machine wrap by 31%, Blendtek’s high-performance film proved to be a win-win for the company and the planet.
Chocolate cupcakes with bacon and icing.
A collaborative partnership that’s the icing on the cake.
When a busy industrial bakery was being let down by their cake mix supplier, Blendtek was there to provide the bespoke service, quality products and reliable supply to get things back on track.
Colorful sprinkled donuts on a black background.
The secret ingredient to supply chain challenges.
In the midst of post-COVID supply chain challenges, Blendtek was able to overcome the unexpected recipe changes, poor communication, late deliveries and fluctuating prices a bakery was having with their previous supplier.
A cherry pie with a slice taken out of it.

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