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Wrapping up one beverage distributor’s packaging spend & carbon footprint.

Many cans of soda are arranged in a row, showcasing the cost savings of beverage wraps.

Picture this: a bustling national beverage distributor with over 500 retail locations and 6 distribution centres in Ontario alone, each requiring precise packaging solutions. This distributor was no stranger to the conventional way of wrapping pallets, using machine wrap at larger DCs and hand wrap for smaller DCs and retail locations. They relied on a company that provided the wrap to each of their locations, with the cost of delivery worked into the total price. However, when Blendtek entered the scene, everything changed for the better.

The Challenge

The beverage distributor had been using a tried-and-true packaging supplier that also supplied other consumables for years. Their conventional machine and hand wrap systems were reliable but had room for improvement. The supplier did not have the pallet wrap expertise or technology to craft a solution that could reduce costs while maintaining quality and service. The beverage distributor could not risk having pallets of finished product topple over during transportation from one location to another. The challenge was to find a solution that not only maintained their pallet containment but also reduced costs and environmental impact.

Blendtek’s Approach

Blendtek, a key partner in innovative secondary packaging solutions, saw an opportunity to revolutionize the distributor’s packaging process. They started with a trial at one of the distribution centres using both hand wrap and machine wrap. The machine wrap was trialed with the existing machine settings as well as optimized settings based on the performance of AXIS ultra-high-performance machine film. Trials continued at the remaining distribution centres over the next few weeks to ensure compatibility at all locations.

The Results

The trials conducted by Blendtek yielded astonishing results. By incorporating the AXIS high-performance machine film and Vmaxx Pre-Stretch Hand Film into the packaging process, they managed to achieve:

  • 24% Reduction in Number of Rolls: Compared to the current hand wrap, Vmaxx Pre-Stretch Hand Film is stronger, thinner, and lighter with better load containment and stability. Operators would use less film when applied and stretched properly, and since the rolls are longer the total spend was reduced. 
  • 31% Reduction in Plastic: For the AXIS machine wrap used with the same machine settings, the amount of plastic required for the same containment was 17% less. But the real magic happened when the settings were optimized by the expert technician to reach a 22% reduction. Combine that with a thinner gauge of plastic and it adds up to an impressive 31% reduction in total plastic usage. The beverage distributor achieved better load stability and containment, used less film and therefore reduced their waste. A win for the customer and a win for the planet.
  • Savings Exceeding $200,000: The combination of reduced hand wrap and machine wrap usage translated into substantial cost savings for the beverage distributor. Blendtek’s solution saved them more than $200,000, a significant boost to their bottom line.


Blendtek’s innovative approach not only improved the efficiency of the beverage distributor’s packaging process but also had a positive environmental impact and resulted in substantial cost savings. By reducing the number of rolls of hand wrap by 24% and cutting down the weight of plastic from machine wrap by 31%, Blendtek’s high-performance machine film proved to be a game-changer for the company.

In a world where sustainability and cost-effectiveness are paramount, Blendtek showcased how a simple change in packaging materials could bring about a significant transformation. The distributor now enjoys the benefits of reduced expenses and a greener approach to packaging, all thanks to Blendtek’s innovative solution. This case study serves as a testament to how businesses can thrive by embracing change and seeking out cutting-edge solutions.

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