Plastics & Secondary Packaging

Pack it up, pack it in.

Our range of secondary packaging materials takes our commitment to your business beyond product development. With our expertise and industry connections, we’ll help you choose the right packaging materials every time.

A wooden pallet with plastic wrap on it.

Don’t break the seal.
We got you covered.

Packing Materials

That’s a wrap.

Optimizing your pallet wrap not only helps maintain product integrity, but can reduce plastic use up to 40% and increase savings for your bottom line. That’s why we offer both hand wrap and machine wrap options; helping you get your products to market with the best packaging solutions.

Fun Fact: The origins of food packaging can be traced back to prehistoric times. Early humans used materials such as sticks, stones, and clay to store food.

A roll of blue plastic film on a white background.
Two yellow tapes on a black background.

Your secondary packaging is
our first priority.

We offer everything to do with secondary packaging. From carton seal tape to slip sheets. Be it hand-wrap or machine wrap pallets, we’ll wrap up your products better than Santa’s elves on Christmas eve.

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