Why Blendtek

We’re your not so secret ingredient.

At Blendtek, our mission is to bring authenticity, quirkiness, and a seasoned yet fresh perspective to an industry that has long relied on tradition.

Chocolate peanut butter cups on a plate.


Not just pretty faces.

Our expert team excels in helping you through product development, manufacturing solutions, supply chain excellence, and formulation support. Turning your ingredient roadblocks into culinary triumphs.


Even Waldo can’t allude us.

With our robust supplier relationships, we have the connections and manufacturing know-how to source top-quality ingredients, consistently and reliably.
Principal Partners

We mix with the right crowd.

Blendtek stands at the centre of food manufacturing and access to the best partner network out there. Our principal partners include Cargill, Bunge, Fine Organics and more. We’re proud to work with a range of incredible partners – ensuring we can deliver whatever our clients need.
An image of a brown powder on a black background.


Best blends forever.

We’re more than just a middleman; we’re your creative culinary partner. Our state-of-the-art, blending facility transforms your ideas into reality; crafting bespoke solutions to fuel your success.

Outpace today’s fast pace.

Agility is our superpower. In the fast-paced food industry, we swiftly respond to market demands, seize opportunities, and adapt to keep you one step ahead. We provide tailored solutions to accommodate your evolving needs, ensuring you have a competitive edge.
A truck with the words truckin' good ingredients.


Our Moms aren’t the only ones who think we’re great.

Blendtek ranked #1 out of our NA top 100 suppliers on internal supplier scorecards.

Blendtek ranked #1

It seems there is no product too hard or difficult for the Blendtek group to source.

It seems there

Blendtek’s global networks and logistics experience has allowed us to access world supply while competing in a fast moving industry.

Blendtek’s global networks

Delivery guys are exceptionally professional. Very health and safety oriented, well trained and very friendly.

Delivery guys

Our Blendtek sales rep is an amazing representative and always delivers effective solutions in a timely manner.

Our Blendtek sales rep

Blendtek is one of the few suppliers in the market today who truly focuses on customer service.

Blendtek is one

Blendtek’s R&D team is very knowledgeable, and able to troubleshoot effectively in a timely manner.

Blendtek’s R&D team

Anytime I have a new project, Blendtek is the first call I make.


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