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A collaborative partnership that’s the icing on the cake.

Chocolate cupcakes with bacon and whipped cream.

The Challenge

In the midst of post-COVID supply chain challenges, a certain bakery found itself in a tough spot. Their cake mix supplier, far from being the secret ingredient to their success, seemed to be dropping the ball too frequently. Unexpected recipe changes, poor communication, late deliveries and fluctuating prices had the bakery scrambling to keep up. The bakery’s customers are retail grocers so price changes and late deliveries have a significant impact on their profitability.

Blendtek’s Approach

Recognizing the need for change, the bakery partnered with Blendtek. Far from taking a cookie-cutter approach, Blendtek believed in bespoke solutions. Through close collaboration and regular feedback, they meticulously matched the bakery’s three top-selling cake recipes. On-site technical support, and taking the time to understand the bakery’s equipment and finished product criteria, were key factors in the development process. 

But their dedication wasn’t limited to just getting the mix right. Understanding the business side of baking, Blendtek offered suggestions for the cake components beyond the mix, and their technical experts whipped up additional cost-saving strategies.

The Results

When the bakery had an opportunity to secure a new limited-time offer program with a national retailer, Blendtek was there to deliver pilot-scale amounts of a new recipe within 24 hours. And the bakery was awarded the business.

“Blendtek is honest and transparent with their abilities and portfolio. They service our company efficiently and with a high level of communication. Anytime I have a new project, Blendtek is the first call I make.” said the Director of Product Development.


The fruitful partnership has yielded impressive results for both companies. At the foundation of this business success story was a relationship baked in transparency and candor, proving that with the right mix of expertise, collaboration, and a sprinkle of humor, any challenge can be overcome.

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