Ammonium BicarbonateAgriculture



This inorganic salt serves as a leavening agent for flat baked goods that include certain pastries and crackers, but should not include baked goods that are fuller and have significant water content as minor ammonia concentrations may linger in the food leading to an unpleasant taste;
ammonium bicarbonate is also used as an acidity regulator in food


Cough syrups often contain ammonium bicarbonate as an active ingredient due to its ability to initiate progressive coughs (wetter mucous secretions) for individuals who are suffering from the flu or cold;
many catalysts, which have the role of speeding up whichever chemical reaction they have been included in, are produced through ammonium bicarbonate interactions


Existing under normal conditions as a white precipitate that is dissolvable in water, ammonium bicarbonate creates a slightly basic aqueous solution, but is insoluble in both alcohols and ketones (organic compounds that include sugars and nail polish remover or acetone). With its large number of applications throughout various industries, it must be noted that long exposure to ammonium bicarbonate in an area that isn’t well ventilated could lead to irritation of the skin and eyes as well as breathing disturbances.


Prior to the currently-dominant use of baking powder, which is made up of an acid salts and sodium bicarbonate blend, ammonium bicarbonate was the chemical compound almost-exclusively used as a leavening or rising agent when dealing with baked goods. The inorganic compound is produced as a result of carbon dioxide and ammonia, but must be kept under cold conditions as it is thermally unstable, which allows it to stabilize and form into a white solid.

Another way of producing sodium bicarbonate is through the interaction of ammonia gas with a sesquicarbonate solution, which temporarily creates ammonium carbonate. The temperature must be at 30 °C during the chemical reaction and once the ammonium carbonate is exposed to air ammonia is subsequently released while ammonium bicarbonate is yielded.

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