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What is it?

Pectin is an ingredient and a natural component of plants that is especially abundant in apples and citrus fruits. As a food ingredient, pectin can be used as a gelling agent, thickening agent, and stabilizer in a variety of food applications. Pectin is viewed favorably by consumers on the label and provides excellent flavour and texture in many growing categories such as plant-based and reduced-sugar formulations.

Where is it used?

Pectin is commonly used in:

  • Jams, Jellies, and Preserves: Pectin helps in setting the consistency of these products, giving them their characteristic gel-like structure.
  • Bakery Fillings and Toppings: Pectin provides a stable, gel-like consistency to fillings and toppings, enhancing their texture and taste.
  • Yogurts and Dairy Beverages: Pectin acts as a stabilizer in dairy products, preventing separation and improving texture.
  • Confectionery Products: In candies and gummies, pectin provides a desirable chewy texture.
  • Beverages: Pectin provides a desirable mouthfeel in all types of beverages including juice drinks and low-calorie or sugar-reduced drinks. Pectin can also stabilize proteins in fortified beverages such as acidified dairy beverages.
  • Dietary Supplements: Pectin is a label-friendly alternative to gelatin in gummies, which is a growing delivery format for a wide range of nutritional supplements because they are easier to consume than a tablet or capsule.
  • Low-Sugar and Sugar-Free Products: Pectin is particularly useful in low-sugar and sugar-free products as it can create a desirable texture without the need for sugar.
Variations & Selection Criteria

Blendtek offers both high-methoxyl (HM) and low-methoxyl (LM) pectins for greater formulation flexibility. LM pectins can be further categorized as either amidated (LMA) or non-amidated (LMC). In order to select the right option for your project, we need to consider the pH, total solids (directly proportional to the amount of sugar), availability of calcium, processing conditions, and desired texture. Certain pectins can be used in organic products. It is best to talk to the experts at Blendtek to help you through the selection process.


Looking ahead, the demand for pectin is expected to grow, driven by trends such as clean-label products, sugar reduction, and plant-based diets. Pectin is an excellent choice to provide texture naturally in products well beyond just jams and jellies. Blendtek not only supplies pectin but also provides technical support and innovative solutions to help food manufacturers overcome formulation challenges and develop new products

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