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Pancake Mix

What are they?

Fluffy pancakes every time? You bet, with our proprietary pancake mix. Pancake mixes, like our other bakery mixes, are blends of ingredients like flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder designed to simplify a bakery’s operation providing a consistent and reliable base for a wide variety of baked goods. Our pancake mix ensures consistency in taste and texture, reduces preparation time, and minimizes the risk of errors in ingredient measurement. Blendtek has off-the-shelf recipes that are proven favorites, or we can design something specific for your business. Some examples of other available bakery mixes from Blendtek include red velvet cake mix, vanilla cake mix, and devil’s cake mix. Products can be ready-to-use mixes or specialty premixes and concentrates.

Who uses them?

Pancake mixes can be used by different types of companies in the food industry:

  • Foodservice - restaurants looking to standardize their breakfast offering across a number of locations would benefit from using a mix
  • Industrial bakeries - companies may wish to improve their operations by creating a custom pancake mix that simplifies their process. For example, blending a small number of ingredients used in the same ratio in multiple finished products. Or bakeries making cakes and other desserts looking to focus on the preparation and decoration of the cakes rather than blending all the dry ingredients first will appreciate our other line of bakery mixes.
  • Brands and Retailers - we can contract manufacture products for your brand or private label program in retail-ready stand up pouches or for your in-store bakeries.
Variations and Selection Criteria

There are endless ways to customize your pancake mix and other bakery mixes. Some factors to consider:

  • Recipe - What recipe are you looking for? Do you have your own recipe or would you like one of ours? Or do you need one developed?
  • Allergens - we process some allergens in our facility. What are the requirements of your product and is it compatible with our allergen program?
  • Ingredient limitations - are you formulating something that is “clean label”? What does that mean to you?
  • Packaging - do you need totes, bags or pouches? Or other formats?
  • Quantity - does your project align with Blendtek’s minimum order quantities? 
  • Certifications - Blendtek is SQF certified, Kosher certified and Organic certified.

Contact us to discuss your specific project and whether we can help you bring your product to life!


Blendtek's approach to pancake mixes is centered around customization and collaboration. We work closely with our clients to develop custom blends that meet their specific needs. From functional blends to proprietary mixes, Blendtek develops products that fuel their clients' success.

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