Stoked on Starch: What to Know About Unmodified Potato Starch

A bowl of flour and potatoes on a wooden table.

As the name suggests, unmodified potato starch is the yield following the extraction of starch compounds from potatoes. Similar to other starches it is considered unmodified if the starch has not been physically, enzymatically, or chemically altered to change its properties.

What Is Potato Starch Used For?

Unmodified potato starch has a long cohesive gel texture, disperses easily in cold water, and has a very high peak viscosity. Together, these properties make potato starch a strong thickening and stabilizing agent in food applications. Potato starch also has a neutral flavour and yields a translucent sauce or paste, unlike the white paste often produced when using flour as a thickening agent.

Potato starch can be used as a thickener across a variety of applications, including:

● Prepared Foods (e.g. sauces, soups and stews)
● Bakery (e.g. custards, puddings and pie fillings)

Thinking gluten-free? When it comes to creating a perfectly chewy texture for your gluten-free baked goods, potato starch is a great place to start.

Benefits of Potato Starch

At Blendtek, we understand the challenges you face to meet consumer expectations—which is why we do our part to source quality potato starch that can support your product claims:

● Plant-Based
● Clean-label
● Gluten-Free
● Made from exclusively non-GMO potatoes

Potato Starch vs Corn Starch

In most applications, potato starch and corn starch can be used somewhat interchangeably. Although both are commonly used as thickening agents, potato starch can tolerate higher temperatures than corn starch. While corn starch is most functional at lower heats, it can be exposed to heat for a longer cooking time.

Is potato starch the gluten-free, non-GMO solution to support your product development?

Let’s Team Up.

At Blendtek Ingredients, our priority is to support your team. From our consulting services and formulation expertise, through to sourcing ingredients within our trusted supply network, we will accelerate the success of your product pipeline with ingredient solutions that deliver.

Ready. Set. Starch.

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